Your light is strong. Your heart is big. Your desire is potent.

You came here to share your unique gift with the world. Your presence is so needed. You are a lightworker, a Warrior or Light, a High Priestess.

Your soul has been waking up, nudging you to step into your power and rise.

Yogi Bhajan said, “You cannot teach a woman. She awakens.”

Your awakening hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride. You’ve been bruised, you fell down, you’ve felt the crippling fear and doubt. But you are still alive. Your heart is still glowing strong with the desire to bring your light into this world.

My mission is to empower awakening women to rise up, break out of the chains that bind them, heal their emotional wounds, reclaim their power and start living their soul’s truth.

When a woman starts shining her inner light brightly the whole world benefits. And I strongly believe this is what the world needs right now in order to heal – more women becoming conscious of their gifts and stepping into their power.

My name is Asselle.

I am an empath and a healer, a teacher and an alchemist.

I help awakening women to connect with their soul, heal their emotional wounds and start living from higher vibrations of love and joy.

My approach is holistic and all-encompassing, meaning we look at your life as a whole on physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I meet you where you are and help you to go deep, to find and release the trapped emotions and limiting beliefs that are unconsciously sabotaging your efforts.

I also help you to become aligned with your soul’s desires and start BEING the highest manifestation of your glorious self.

My desire is to empower you to start shining your light!

“Asselle thank you. I have such gratitude for your amazing and deep healing. I felt you took me on a journey very deep into myself and into things that had been surfacing and bothering me for years!! I felt safe and held by you, and always believe that as a client you can only go as far as your healer is willing and able to go….and I appreciate you came with me and held me to be able to release and heal. Not that you always have to go deep but I knew that’s what I needed, especially being an empath that takes on everyone else’s rubbish! The difference in me is so noticeable. My mother even commented that I seemed very different: a lot happier and at ease – she saw me the day before and then 2 days after the healing! Most of all, I feel free and that is priceless. My deepest thank you and huge amounts of respect for you and your healing abilities.”


From my soul to yours…

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